Life on the road: My stay fit challenge….

Being on the road can be fun but it definitely takes a toll on your body!  I’ve been traveling like crazy for the past few months so the majority of my time is spent eating in airports, ordering room service and being on set with a craft services table (aka CRAFTY) with slim jims, doritos, fruit snacks, donuts, and cheez-its  so it isn’t easy to maintain a proper diet!I admit… I absolutely LOVE snacks but when it makes up 80% of your diet it’s a problem. I am pretty lucky in the sense that my weight stays within a few pounds (up or down) of where I currently am but as I get older I find that certain foods tend to stick to my body a tad bit longer than I would like or end up in random places that I’d rather it NOT be! (Ladies I know you understand me!! LOL)

I know, I know. I’M NOT FAT. I get it!!! But as a person who’s livelihood is based on being in front of the camera, it’s important to look and FEEL my best.  My schedule is all over the place so working out is another thing that I’ve neglected over the past few months. A couple of weeks ago I had a shoot where my wardrobe consisted of a t-shirt and a pair of boy shorts…. That was more than enough inspiration to get me back on my game! (I took the pic above the morning of my shoot.) Sadly, it lasted for about a week and a half. As soon as the shoot was over I went right back to my non-working out schedule and bad eating habits. Hey- At least I tried. That being said, I want to get back to working out consistently and eating better.

I write this blog entry with the hope that it will motivate me to actually follow through and do the right thing AND do it on a consistent basis. THAT’S WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP!!  So to my fellow busy bodies, I would love to hear what you do to keep a healthy lifestyle when you’re on the go… If you have any tips or advice on staying fit then I’d really love to hear it! Post it below and I’ll keep you updated on my progress! xo